PE Mulch Film

Soil Biodegradable Agriculture Mulch Film

The benefits of mulch film are well understood. Yield improves, weed control and faster crop cycle times make mulch film indispensable. Yet the sustainability of disposing polyethylene mulch film to landfill is increasingly more difficult to justify. It is becoming more costly too. The labor involved in removing it and transporting it as well as the disposal fees to landfill sites require a more sustainable solution.

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 Eliminating waste to landfill with sustainable, beneficial solutions and technologies is our core competency. Our development, multi-year testing and the manufacture of soil biodegradable agricultural mulch film called Organix A.G. Film is an example of our determination and commitment to find solutions to a wasteful problem without sacrificing quality or performance.

Organix A.G. Film has been proven in the field to provide growers with all the performance characteristics of conventional PE mulch film and can be down gauged in thickness for additional cost savings.

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