Source Separated Organics (SSO) Programs

Sustainability in Practice

Decaying food waste in a landfill produces methane, a powerful greenhouse gas and also contributes to the creation of leachate, a cocktail of liquids that can threaten ground water sources. Growing regulations aimed at curbing these environmental concerns and a real decline in available landfill space are driving up disposal costs.

Municipalities across North America are addressing the impacts of organic waste by implementing SSO programs to divert organics from landfill. Their challenge is to do it affordably and design it to be convenient for ordinary people.

Our patent pending Blue Bag / Green Bag Organics Program eliminates the need for private haulers or municipalities to add routes, trucks and containers to collect organics, saving enormous costs. With our program, organics waste is co-collected with other MSW where it is then sorted and diverted to compost facilities to become nutrient rich compost.

Biodegradable Products InstituteThe backbone of our Programs are the BPI® certified extreme duty compostable can liners, unlike any in the marketplace today. After all, our bags have to survive the compaction in a garbage truck co-mingled with other MSW!  Strength, reliability, rapid and complete degradation in a compost facility has been our goal in the research and design of our liners. Failure, i.e. contamination is less than 3%.

Blue Bag Organics and Green Bag Organix Source Separated Organics SSO Programs

We help our partners every step of the way to successfully roll out their SSO programs.

  • Designed to be convenient for the end user
  • Assist with phased implementation
  • Provide marketing and learning tools
  • Focus on the "opportunities to recycle" meant to be as easy and convenient as disposing mixed waste.

We've also found that a reliable double digit increase in better recycling practices occurs when communities and businesses use our program, unlocking additional revenue streams in the recovery of traditional recyclables for municipalities and haulers.

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Over 2.4 million households were served with food waste composting collection programs in 2012, half of those households were in the state of California. (EPA. (2012). Municipal Solid Waste Generation, Recycling and Disposal in the United States: Facts and Figures for 2012)

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