FAQs and Answers


Can I compost Green Bag Organix compostable bags in a home backyard compost bin?

Your backyard compost pile will not provide the necessary moisture and temperature environment to properly biodegrade the compostable bag.  Green Bag Organix™ compostable bags are BPI certified for industrial composting facilities. These professionally managed composting facilities provide controlled environments with the right temperature, water and oxygen that are ideal for the microbes and bacteria to breakdown the materials through biodegradation.  

How long does it take for Green Bag Organix bag to biodegrade?

Our BPI certified compostable bags completely biodegrade into biomass, water and CO2  within 45 days at a commercial compost facility leaving no harmful residue.

Is organics recycling better than using the garbage disposal?

Garbage disposal uses energy and fresh water to macerate food which then has to be processed at a wastewater treatment facility. Organics recycling is a cost-effective and sustainable way to manage food waste. Compost made from the food waste can be reapplied to the soil. It provides valuable nutrients, sequesters carbon within the soil, and aids in water retention.

What makes Green Bag Organix compostable bags different from other compostable bags?

Green Bag Organix™ certified compostable bags are the backbone of a cost-effective, sustainable program that makes municipal organics collection as easy as traditional recycling. We designed the compostable bag ourselves to withstand compaction in a standard rear or side load truck, and allow for sorting and delivery to a commercial composter where the bags and its contents fully compost.

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) evaluated our co-collection method as a separate waste stream and on the performance characteristics of our compostable bags as it traveled through the waste stream. They confirmed that the compostable bags were strong enough to withstand compaction in a waste collection vehicle while preserving the organic waste for further processing.

How do I get Green Bag Organix Compostable bags?

Co-Collection: Contact your local municipality. Tell them you want to recycle organics using the Organix Co-Collection method. For communities with drop-off organics programs, residents can order compostable bags directly from us.

Commercial: Contact our representative who can help you with orders. 

Personal Use: You can purchase Green Bag Organix for your home and personal use here.