Diverting Organics

Sustainable Management of Food

The U.S. EPA ranks source reduction at the top of its Food Recovery Hierarchy. This involves generating less surplus food – including changes in wasteful consumer behavior – and ensuring that all edible food is diverted through programs like community food banks to those in need.

Organics is a valuable material that if properly collected and recycled can help reduce pollution and improve overall quality of life. For communities and companies looking to reach zero waste, finding a way to capture and recover those organics is critical.

We know that composting food waste after proper source reduction constitutes a best practices solution in which the commercially composted end product can be returned to the soil for a truly circular lifecycle by providing effective carbon sequestration, water retention and nutrient replenishment. 

We are the Organics Recycling Experts

We make organics recycling – the collection and processing of organic materials to their highest and best use – efficient and cost effective on a large scale. We work with public and private entities to implement organics recycling programs.  We are consultants assisting in the design and building of infrastructure including materials recovery facilities, transfer stations, composting operations and anaerobic digestion systems.