Organix A.G. Film - Soil Biodegradable Mulch Film

 Eliminating waste to landfill with sustainable, beneficial solutions and technologies is our core competency. Our development, multi-year testing and the manufacture of soil biodegradable agricultural mulch film called Organix A.G. Film is an example of our determination and commitment to find solutions to a wasteful problem without sacrificing quality or performance.

Organix A.G. Film has been proven in the field to provide growers with all the performance characteristics of conventional PE mulch film and can be down gauged in thickness for additional cost savings.

  • Reduced weed problems
  • Enhanced Moisture Control
  • Increase Soil Temperature
  • Extension of Growing Season
  • Increased plant Growth Rate
  • Used on conventional equipment
  • Good stretch properties
  • Easy to perforate

Organix A.G. compostable agricultural mulch filmOrganix A.G. Film is soil biodegradable. At the end of the growing cycle, plow Organix A.G. Film into the soil. Temperature, humidity and microorganisms in the soil will turn Organix A.G. Film into biomass, water and carbon dioxide, leaving no harmful residue.

Significant Cost Savings:

  • Labor savings
  • Landfill tip fees
  • Transportation

Environmental Benefits:

  • Won't pollute the soil like PE film can if PE remnants remain behind
  • Eliminates plastic going to landfill
  • Reduction in harmful greenhouse gas emissions

Organix A.G. Film is available in black, transparent and black on white.  24" to 60" widths and a range of thickness. Organix A.G. Film is a versatile mulch film ideal for a range of climate conditions, a variety of crops, and lasts for the length of the production cycle.

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Organix A.G. Film is made with BASF® ecovio®, a biodegradable and compostable plastic that has been certified globally and biodegrades in soil without leaving any harmful residue.  ecovio® fulfills the international biodegradation standards of EN 13432 which outline the testing methods for compostability. Soil that contains this mulch film is tested to ensure no harmful effects to plant growth and germination.

  • Plant toxicity test (barley and cress test)
  • Chemical Characteristics (heavy metal test, IR test)
  • Biodegradation
  • Quantitative disintegration


Evovio® is certified OK SOIL Biodegradable by TÜV AUSTRIA.