Co-Collection for Municipalities




Organix Co-Collection™ is a patented organics recycling method that eliminates the need to add routes, trucks and containers to collect organic waste (food waste and food-soiled paper). Now a single waste collection vehicle can collect both organics and general waste in a single trip. Eliminating multiple trucks has a significant environmental impact and cost savings. 

How Organix Co-Collection Works

Residents collect their food scraps in the 13-gallon extreme duty Green Bag Organix™ certified compostable bag, tie a secure knot and place the bag in the same cart as their trash on their regular trash day. The hauler does their normal collection route. The co-collected bags are delivered to a transfer station where our robotic sorting solution removes the organics-filled compostable bags from the solid waste. 

Our U.S. made and BPI certified compostable bag’s proprietary design withstands compaction in a standard rear or side load truck and allows for sorting and delivery to a commercial composter where the bags and its contents fully compost.

Co-Collection Program Includes:

  • Educating residents
  • Marketing tools customizable for the community or hauler
  • Assistance with enrollment
  • Training employees
  • Delivery of Green Bag Organix™ (or Blue Bag) compostable bags to residents
  • Customer service to answer questions
  • Annual renewal

First of Its Kind

The Blue Bag Organics® Co-Collection program is a successful curbside organics collection method pioneered in Minnesota.  Today over 48 cities in Minnesota have implemented Blue Bag Organics and more communities are signing on. Outside of Minnesota this collection method is marketed as the Green Bag Organix Co-Collection Program.

When residents have the opportunity to source separate organics at home, they are committed to diversion and doing it right with very little contamination.  This also leads to better recycling and overall waste reduction.


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