Soil Biodegradable Mulch Film

User Guide

Organix A.G. Film™ has outstanding performance and mechanical characteristics while providing a reduction in the costs of application thanks to its biodegradability in soil.  Please review our recommendations below for optimal performance during your growing cycle.

Preparation of the Soil

If you are planning to use an organic fertilizer (like manure) this should be done well before laying Organix A.G. Film (as is usually the case owing to the high content of micro-organisms in the fertilizer).

Rocks, stones or any remnants of previous crops (like corn) should be removed. Any holes or tears in the film will be subject to wind action during the crop cycle which could reduce the performance of the film.

Laying of the Film

Organix A.G. Film works well with existing equipment. You can apply the film at the same speed you would normally use with PE films. However, tension should be reduced as much as practicable. Preventing stress on the mulch film when you lay it will provide the best performance during the growing cycle. You will find that Organix A.G. Film will tighten to the soil on its own.

Perforating Organix A.G. Film can be done using the same methods as you use now. It is best to perforate and plant seedlings at the same time or soon after you have laid the film.


Drip tube irrigation works well with the Organix A.G. Film. You should apply it the same as you would normally. Overhead irrigation and surface irrigation has been commonly used with Organix A.G. Film as well.


The thickness of Organix A.G. Film plays a major part in the lifespan of film. Films that are 0.6 mil and 0.7 mil in thickness will perform well for 2 - 6 month cycles. Longer cycles would require a thicker film.

Sunlight, moisture and soil type should also be taken into consideration, both for duration of the film and biodegradability. Lower organic matter content and colder autumn/winter months will naturally slow the biodegradation process.

Our team is here to help you choose the best film for your specific purposes. We have an Organix A.G. Film product for your needs. Purchase Organix A.G. Film online now.


Stores very well. Organix A.G. Film will arrive in protective wrapping. To avoid scuffs and tears, it should be kept wrapped until you are ready to use. Left in its wrap, it will be ready to use next season. Store in a cool, dry place.