Harnessing existing as well as new, disruptive technologies, it is now possible for us to divert >67% of MSW to landfill. Eliminating waste to landfill with sustainable, beneficial solutions and technologies is our core competency.

Our Layered Approach

Organix Solutions layered approach to the recovery of compostable organics is based on the same principles that govern our recycling programs.

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SSO Nutrient Rich Composting

The materials put into the compost pile have a major impact on how well the composting process works and the quality of the final compost.

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Compostable BioPlastics

Biobased plastics (also called plant-derived) are made from a renewable resource such as corn starch. Polylactic Acid or PLA, is a commonly recognized bioplastic. PLA is made by fermenting the dextrose from a hydrolysis of corn starch. The product of this fermentation process, lactic acid, becomes the basic building block for polylactide plastics which can be digested by the microorganisms found in commercial compost facilities.

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MRF and BurCell™ Technology

Essential to our waste diversion and energy recovery solutions is the application of both existing and new, disruptive technologies. Our technology providers like Zero Waste Energy and Cornerstone Resources are involved from concept to construction to provide us with that technology, helping us extract a greater amount of organics recyclables from the waste stream.

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Anaerobic Digestion

Anaerobic Digestion (AD) digests organic material with microbes without oxygen. This process creates two valuable commodities:

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