Recover, Regenerate and Restore

Our mission is to provide cost-effective and sustainable collection and treatment solutions that recover organics waste, recycle it to highest-value uses and return it to our community value chain. Organics and non-recycled paper represent up to 67% of the municipal solid waste stream.  We work to reverse this unsustainable and unprofitable disposal model in favor of a layered approach that is regenerative and restorative by design. Our solutions prevent this immense fraction of MSW from ever reaching a landfill.

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  • Our higher quality SSO Programs eliminate the need for private haulers or municipalities to add routes, trucks and containers to collect organics waste, saving significant costs. This diverted food waste, high in nutrient value, is channeled to compost facilities.

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  • Our anaerobic digestion solutions incorporate disruptive technologies that capture an even greater amount of organic fraction than was previously possible. Our dry fermentation digester, using groundbreaking BurCell™ technology will process remaining organics and non-recycled paper in the waste stream to produce CNG as well as Class 1 compost ideal for soil remediation and amendment.

    Anaerobic Digestion digests organic material with microbes without oxygen.         

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  • Our team of professionals have deep industry experience and we advise businesses, institutions, and governments on their most pressing challenges in solid waste management. Our customers have come to rely on Organix Solutions to help them unlock opportunities that create additional revenue streams, realize greater efficiencies, significantly reduce GHG emissions and create a more sustainable future.

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  • Eliminating waste to landfill with sustainable, beneficial solutions and technologies is our core competency. Our development, multi-year testing and the manufacture of 100% field compostable agricultural mulch film called Organix A.G. Film is a good example of our determination and commitment to find solutions to a wasteful problem without sacrificing quality or performance.

    Organix Solutions agricultural mulch film

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