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The Next Recycling Revolution

Governments at the national, state and local levels are reviewing waste management practices from a more integrated perspective.  Landfill space is being reduced, costs to dispose of waste are rising and the amount of MSW we are producing will escalate with the certain rise in population growth, impacting the urban city the most. The challenges are local but they have global implications.

Diverting and recovering organics waste is the next wave of recyclables that can have a major impact in the reduction of harmful GHG emissions, urban planning and the move toward a more circular, regenerative economy.

At Organix Solutions we have the programs and expertise to achieve sustainable organics diversion and recovery goals in a cost effective manner, reduce GHG emissions and return a nutrient rich resource back into the value chain.

Organix Solutions layered approach to the recovery of compostable organics is based on the same principles that govern our recycling programs.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle


  • Curbside Source Separated Organics (SSO) programs reduce the amount of waste going to our landfills.
  • With our SSO programs in place, we find that participants are influenced in their buying decisions to choose recyclable or compostable packaging which further reduces solid waste.


  • SSO that is recovered for composting is returned to the soil as natural soil amendment.  This allows the captured nutrients to be reused


When additional organic materials are recovered and digested, that energy is recycled and converted to CNG.

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