Our Land for Future Generations

Soil Biodegradable Agriculture Mulch Film

The benefits of mulch film are well understood. Yield improves, weed control and faster crop cycle times make mulch film indispensable. Yet the sustainability of disposing polyethylene mulch film to landfill is increasingly more difficult to justify. It is becoming more costly too. The labor involved in removing it and transporting it as well as the disposal fees to landfill sites require a more sustainable solution.

Our development, multi-year testing and the manufacture of soil biodegradable agricultural mulch film called Organix A.G. Film is our solution to a wasteful problem without sacrificing quality or performance.

Organix A.G. Film has been proven in the field to provide farmers with all the performance characteristics of conventional PE mulch film and can be down gauged in thickness for additional cost savings.

Organix A.G. Film is soil biodegradable. At the end of the growing cycle, plow Organix A.G. Film into the soil. Temperature, humidity and microorganisms in the soil will turn Organix A.G. Film into biomass, water and carbon dioxide, leaving no harmful residue.

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Nutrient Rich Compost

Organix Solutions is committed to sustainable agriculture through our efforts to recover and return nutrient rich food waste as soil remediation and a viable fertilizer alternative. Food waste contains the soil nutrients nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K) which are the 3 most widely applied fertilizers in agriculture. When food waste is sent to a landfill, these nutrients are worthless.

Our layered approach recovers and restores this valuable resource to compost facilities and digesters where the nutrient values (NPK) are preserved in finished compost. Consider the growing agricultural challenges we face: our populations are growing and yet arable farm land in cultivation is static. In 1950 one hectare fed 2 people. By 2025, 1 hectare will feed 5 people . At Organix Solutions our programs promote diversion, recovery and treatment solutions that direct greater amounts of compost available for soil health and maintenance.

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Our land for future generations

Preserving and protecting our land for future generations with regenerative and restorative solutions is our commitment to the principles of sustainable development.

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