The Future of Managing Solid Waste & Energy Recovery

Our Layered Approach

Recover, Regenerate & Restore

  • Allows us to achieve our key objectives:
    • Generate economic growth
    • Create jobs
    • Reduce environmental impact
  • Directs materials in the waste stream to their highest and best use
  • It is a path to increase growth and profitability
  • It will add jobs. Waste management jobs are living wage jobs
  • Use of emerging and essential enabling technologies that are maturing and scaling fast

Layer 1 - Source Separated Organics (SSO)

Residential and commercial SSO material is diverted from landfill to local compost facilities. This clean, nutrient rich source separated feedstock is converted into valuable compost for reuse.


Layer 2 - Materials Recovery Facility (MRF)

Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) is processed in a Material Recovery Facility (MRF) that is designed to recover smaller organic matter (think of the discarded apple core!) in addition to traditional recyclables.

Layer 3 - BurCell® System Technology

An disruptive technology, the BurCell® System will recover the organic and non-recycled paper waste fraction of the waste stream producing a processed engineered feedstock (PEF).

Layer 4 - Highest Value Use of Processed Engineered Feedstock (PEF)

  • 25% of the 56% of the solid waste stream classified as Organic Matter will be captured - allowing for additional capacity and improved efficiencies for other downstream processing and RDF facilities
  • BurCell® System captures the other 42% of valuable organic matter that would otherwise be destined to the landfill
  • Meets Class 1 compost standard, suitable for soil remediation projects or soil amendment