The Future of Waste Management and Energy Recovery

The Future of Waste Management and Energy Recovery

Our Layered Approach

Recover, Regenerate & Restore

  • Allows us to achieve our key objectives:
    • Generate economic growth
    • Create jobs
    • Reduce environmental impact
  • Directs materials in the waste stream to their highest and best use
  • It is a path to increase growth and profitability
  • It will add jobs. Waste management jobs are living wage jobs
  • Use of emerging and essential enabling technologies that are maturing and scaling fast

Layer 1 - SSO

Residential and commercial SSO material is diverted from landfill to local compost facilities. This clean, nutrient rich source separated feedstock is converted into valuable compost for reuse.


Layer 2 - MRF

MSW is processed in a Material Recovery Facility (MRF) that is designed to recover smaller organic matter (think of the discarded apple core!) in addition to traditional recyclables.

Layer 3- BurCell™ Recovery

An disruptive technology, the BurCell™ process will recover the organic and non-recycled paper waste fraction of the waste stream producing a processed engineered feedstock (PEF). This PEF will be the primary feedstock for a state of the art Anaerobic Digester.

Layer 4 - AD

Our highly efficient dry anaerobic digester will produce compressed natural gas from our processed organic waste to fuel our CNG powered fleet of trucks.  In-vessel composting will provide class 1 compost suitable for soil remediation.

  • 25% of the 56% (14%) of the waste stream classified as Organic Matter will be captured - allowing for additional capacity and improved efficiencies for other downstream processing and RDF facilities
  • BurCell™ System captures the other 42% of valuable organic matter that would otherwise be destined to the landfill
  • Meets Class 1 compost standard, suitable for soil remediation projects or soil amendment