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Organics waste can represent over 30% of the waste stream. Regulations at the state and municipal level are targeting commercial businesses and other large generators of waste to ban food waste to landfill. The challenge to comply with these regulations can seem overwhelming. Maintaining a clean working environment for the health and safety of employees and customers, constraints on space to accommodate additional source separation infrastructure and the potential costs are challenges for many businesses.

Organix Solutions team of experts have deep industry experience in organics diversion and recovery. Our source separated programs are cost effective and do not require additional carts to accommodate organics waste.

Biodegradable Products InstituteThe backbone of our programs are our BPI® certified high performance compostable can liners, unlike any in the marketplace today.

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Strength reliability and complete degradation in a compost facility has been our focus in the research and design of our liners.  It is so important to us, we chose to manufacture them ourselves. This allows us to tightly control inventory, maximizing shelf life and performance of the liner, while ensuring the highest quality and care in the manufacture of our products.

Source separating organics waste for valuable reuse can be cost effective and sustainable. Let Organix Solutions remove the learning curve to get you there. We’ve been doing it a long time.

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