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Organics waste can represent over 30% of the waste stream. Regulations at the state and municipal level are targeting organics waste as the next commodity for recycling. Some States are providing incentives to collect organics and others are mandating it. There is no question that facility providers will need to be prepared to accommodate Source Separated Organics in the not so distant future.

Our senior management team at Organix Solutions have spent their entire careers in waste management. They are on the leading edge of organics diversion and have built the infrastructure required to cost effectively and efficiently process organics from the waste stream.

Whether it is developing low cost of entry solutions like a simple sort line, larger scale incline conveyors, hoppers and trommels designed to capture a larger organics fraction, we can help. Building on your existing strengths and expertise, let us help you get prepared for this new recyclable without the costly learning curve.

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