Agricultural Mulch Film FAQs

The following FAQs have been provided to help answer your questions about Organix A.G. Film -Agricultural Mulch Film.

Can I use Organix A.G. Film on my existing mulch layer equipment?

Yes. Organix A.G. Film lays very well and is easy to perforate.

How is Organix A.G. Film different from conventional polyethylene mulch film?

Organix A.G. Film is 100% compostable. At the end of the growing cycle, plow Organix A.G. Film into the soil. Temperature, humidity and microorganisms in the soil will turn Organix A.G. Film into biomass, water and carbon dioxide, leaving no harmful residue.

Is Organix A.G. Film being used now in North America?

Organix A.G. Film has been used with great results on a variety of ground crops here in North America since 2012. 

What sizes and lengths are available?

Organix AG is available from 24” up to 60” widths in black and transparent. Generally the length is determined by the mil thickness of the film but 4000’ – 5000’ feet rolls are standard.

Where is Organix A.G. Film made?

Organix A.G. Film is made in Minnesota at our manufacturing facility in Maple Grove. Organix A.G. Film is sold in the United States by Organix Solutions where you can buy direct from the manufacturer.

Will Organix A.G. Film perform as well as conventional plastic mulch films?

Yes. Organix A.G. Film has been engineered to provide farmers with all the desired characteristics farmers want to control weeds, get better yields and extend their growing seasons. It can also be down gauged further than typical PE film providing cost savings.