Blue Bag Organics / Green Bag Organix Compostable Liners

The Backbone of our Programs

Extreme Duty and Heavy Duty Compostable Bags  - Manufactured by Organix Solutions.

Our program liners are engineered not to fail. When full of organics waste, our Extreme Duty bags by design have to survive the compaction of a garbage truck. For the end user, this means that the bag will never zipper (a common compostable bag defect) and the star seal bottom will never leak. When you use one of our 13 gallon or 33 gallon Extreme Duty bags, you can be sure that they will do the job you need them to. Every time.

Our Heavy Duty program bags are manufactured for the commercial customer in mind.  They need to hold the heavy weight and larger volumes of organics in commercial kitchens, cafeterias and back of house operations reliably. Split bags and seals that fail under the weight cause messy leaks that take extra time to clean and can create slip hazards. Our Heavy Duty liners will not break and will not leak. Period. We have redefined Heavy Duty: one bag only, every time.