Anaerobic Digestion: A Closed Loop System

Anaerobic Digestion CNG - a closed loop system

Anaerobic Digestion (AD) digests organic material with microbes without oxygen. This process creates two valuable commodities:

  • Biogas, a mix of 60% methane and 40% carbon Dioxide and a liquid or solid residue called digestate.
  • Our biogas is extracted to create a renewable gas (CNG) to be used by the garbage trucks that have collected the organic material.

Anaerobic digestate from our AD facility can be used as soil amendment with a high nutrient value. AD digestate contains the same amount of (NPK) values as the food waste the facility received making it a valuable fertilizer for agriculture.

Organix Solutions Anaerobic Digester uses SMARTFERM technology. We think it provides the most advanced organic processing technology in the world. SMARTFERM transforms organic waste into carbon-negative energy in the form of CNG fuel.

The SMARTFERM system utilizes bacteria percolate in anaerobic conditions to digest food waste and convert it into methane gas by a process called methanogenesis. A specialized thermophilic chamber will heat the waste to 131F without the presence of oxygen allowing the bacteria to convert the biomass into methane gas and compost without any byproduct within 21 days.

SMARTFERM is a truly closed loop system. It’s effectiveness will be compounded by the MRF technology and the BurCell™ technology to effectively process greater than 67% of the waste stream for valuable reuse.

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